Good leadership is at the heart of successful organisations. In our courses we follow the approach to leadership in  John Adair’s Action Centred Leadership (ACL) – a long standing and proven approach for all sectors.

ACL offers a powerful, proven and highly practical approach to leadership with the focus on what a leader must DO to succeed. Not only does it provide us with a definitive description of the generic role of a leader, but John Adair’s iconic 3 Circles model serves as a critical reminder of the common needs shared by any group of people and the areas of responsibility a leader has to fulfil.

In a nutshell ACLs appraoch to leadership is not based on qualities you are born with but teaches you how to be a leader – great news – leadership can be learnt!!

VoluntaryWise specialises in thinking about leadership at the team leader level or for people new to

leadership as this is an area where leadership is not often spoken about but teams of

all sorts are at the heart of many charities.

Alison Hodson, the trainer for these courses, is the only accrediated trainer of the ACL leadership approach with Adair International specialising in Voluntary Sector Leadership

Overview of Team Leader 2 days course and forthcoming dates