Wanting to become a volunteer involving organisation?

As with any other area of management, the time spent thining about and planning for volunteers has a direct impact on the value of the services that volunteers contribute. Chief Executives should make sure their organisation is “thoughtful and not thoughtless about volunteers” ! (taken from From the Top Down booklet) Their responsibility is to set the tone for volunteer involvement in their organisation: to articulate their vision and demostrate their committment in tangible ways.
If your organisation/department is at the start of your Volunteer Involving Journey, we can help you consider key questions:
  • Why do we want to use volunteers?
  • What planning at a senior level needs to happen?:
    • What will they do and not do?
    • Who will co-ordinate volunteers work?
    • What resources will we allocate to support volunteers
    • Are paid staff willing to work with volunteers.

If you are a member of staff with responsibility for looking after volunteers and you want to increase senior management support you may want to look at the excellent publication Influencing Up – a few years old now but full of good ideas and case studies.

If you would like support from us please drop us a line or call, we would love to hear from you.

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